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Tenders are formal requests by public or private sector entities seeking proposals from potential suppliers or vendors for specific projects, products, or services.

Tender Bidding

Bid Roster provides expert guidance and support to businesses or organizations throughout the process of preparing and submitting...


Bid Roster specifically focused on helping businesses to navigate the processes and requirements of government e-marketplaces...

Catalogue Management

Listing products and managing catalogs on a government e-Marketplace (GeM) involves creating an organized and user-friendly...

Vendor Assessment

After GeM registration, a seller needs to set up an OEM to claim the ownership of products and services they want to sell.

Digital Signature

Digital certificates allow users to electronically verify their identities, gain access to restricted online resources, and digitally...

MSME Certificate

The Udyam Registration Certificate is an e-certificate that gets issued to MSMEs when they register themselves on the MSME...

Startup Certificate

Startup Certificate

ISO Certification

ISO Certification

Trade Mark Certification

Trade Mark Certification