Vendor Assessment

Vendor Assessment

After GeM registration, a seller needs to set up an OEM to claim the ownership of products and services they want to sell. Sellers are required to apply for Vendor Assessment on GeM to evaluate the credentials and quality standards. QCl carries out Vendor Assessment of OEM on GeM Portal.

Once the OEM Panel is set up, sellers can list their brand on the GeM portal. After brand listing, they can list their products/services under appropriate categories and participate in bids. The Vendor Assessment is carried out in two stages – Desktop Assessment and Video Assessment.

Desktop Assessment

In Desktop Assessment QCI validates the data and document of the firm or company. The main reason is to understand the process, policy, procedure and performance of the firm or company. The vendor assessment for OEMs is based on three board parameters 1. Vendor Profile 2. Financial Capacity 3. Production Capacity

Video Assessment

After Desktop Assessment, the information is validated through a Video Assessment. It is conducted by a QCI auditor using the mobile-based application through video calling. In this process, QCI validates the entire process submitted by the vendor through documents in Desktop Assessment.

Video Assessment Process

The Video Assessment process consists of five major parts:

  • Introduction
  • Question & Answer
  • Examination of Raw Material Stores
  • Manufacturing or Assembling Process Examination
  • Evidence / Photography Session
Vendor Assessment